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How do I use a layout template?
Layout templates only work in the main screen so make sure the notation bar is closed. You now have a few options:
1) click on templates and choose for example [Format|8 measures per line] (your music will be formatted in 8 measures per line)
2) click on toolbox and in the opened toolbox on 'Sinterklaas' (your music will have Sinterklaas layout with staff and miter as defined in the template mc-sint.msj).
3) use <ctrl-> (the linked template mc-sizeminus.msj will run and make everything smaller. See also [Options|Preferences|Quick2]).
4) press the toolbar button size-plus - it has the key combination <ctrl+> associated with it that makes everything a bit bigger.
How do I create my own layout template?
  • use a track you like the layout of and save that as layout template.
  • copy an existing template that does more or less what you want, and change it until it meets your requirements.
How do I see what a layout template does?
By looking what's in it...
With [File|Open] and choice for file type 'Layout templates (*.msj)' in the folder where MusiCAD expects layout templates you open for example mc-4bars.msj as text file.
How do I link my created layout template to a hotkey?
Find an empty space in [Options|Preferences|Quick1 / Quick2] and type the name of your layout template there.
Can I also assign my template to a button?
That depends a bit. A few shortcuts are permanently linked to specific buttons. If you assign your newly created template to one of those shortcuts, you can use the relevant button for your own layout template.
There is no convenient shortcut available anymore to link my created layout template. Now what?
Overwrite an existing link with your new template name. The existing layout template will be unaffected and can still be used, although no longer with the keyboard shortcut now assigned to your new template.
How do I add my template to a toolbox?
  • Open the toolbox
  • right click on the toolbox
  • in the context menu choose add (or key <Insert>)
  • navigate to the template folder and choose the template to add.
  • in the toolbox, drag your template to the intended place.
Where are those layout templates located?
In the template folder as seen in [Preferences|Locations|Template Folder]. After a standard installation you can find them in C:\ProgramData\Musys Software\MusiCAD 4.2 or $(MCDATA)
How do I ensure that all headers and footers always look the same after importing a MIDI file?
  • Create a layout template with the intended layout
  • Enter the name of that template in [Preferences|Files|MIDI Layout Template]

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