FAQ Header and Footer

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What do those dollar signs under HEAD+FOOT mean?
These are macros. A macro is an abbreviation for something that "has yet to be completed". An example. You can put the last modified date above a piece of music by entering the current date under [Options|Header and footer|Top left]. If you change something about the music, you have to adjust the date again afterwards. If you use the date macro $D instead, the last modified date will always be filled in, without you having to do anything yourself!
I've been messing around with headers and footers because I don't quite understand what to do with them. How can I put everything right again?
1) Use undo (multiple times if necessary)
2) Go to [Header and footer] and press the Default button
How can I get the page number in the header instead of the footer?
Use the macro $# (page number) in eg [Options|Header+Footer|Trailing Header Right]. If you also want a page number on the first page, also set [Options|Header+Foot|Headertop right] to $#
I don't want to see part titles above the bar. What do I have to change for that?
Uncheck [Options|Text Format|Part Title], or delete the titles in the score overview (not the part name!)
I want to see part titles above each bar. How?
Check [Options|Text Format|Part Title] and adjust its layout if necessary.
How do I get rid of the tempo indication in the head?
Easiest: uncheck the header-bottom-left display. You can also delete the affected macros $@ $m in the lower left header.
I don't want a footer at the bottom of the page What should I do?
Uncheck display all footers under [Options|Header and footer]
I want to use a different font for the headline. How do you do that?
Go to [Options|Header and footer|Top Center] and press the button next to the text. Then change the font.
I used the macro $P for part title in the top right header, but I don't see anything when I print the part. How is that possible?
Probably Score is checked in the score overview. Only in singe part view there is 1 part title.
How do I change a part title?
Under [Score overview] <F3> under the heading title.
I changed the melody title in [Header and footer] but on page two I still see the old title. What happened?
In principle, you enter the melody title(s) under [Titles dialog|] Under header and footer, you then determine with a macro ($T) where the title should appear. The piece title usually goes in a big font centered on page one, and small op top of other pages.
When I recall music made with an earlier MusiCAD version, the header and footer are wrong. What should I do about it?
Apply the [Template|default header and footer] template.
I want to quickly give existing music its own layout. What's the easiest way?
Use custom template. See further under Frequently asked questions about layout templates.