FAQ printing

From MusiCAD
I want to print more on one page What options do I have for this?
A large number. You can find them under [Options|Layout]
MusiCAD prints the note lines as dotted lines on my (monochrome) laser printer. I want plain lines!
The target gray lines are dotted in the absence of color. Uncheck [Options|Preferences|Page Setup] color printing or set note line color to black.
MusiCAD prints the note lines in a different color. How is that possible?
You can do that deliberately by adjusting the colors of the bar lines. It can be unintentionally caused when color printing is 'on' and the color cartridge no longer has all colors available. Then turn off [Options|Preferences|Page Setup] color printing.
How can I include the result of MusiCAD in other documents?
Save as png image, JPEG image, or PDF file, and include the image in another program.
Why does MusiCAD use GhostScript for printing? Can it also be done without?
GhostScript offers a number of cross-platform capabilities such as creating pdf. To make the PDF and the paper print equal, both use GhostScript. You can also print without GhostScript: uncheck [Use GhostScript] under [Options|Page Layout].
How do I print PostScript files with GhostScript?
Right click on a PostScript .ps file and choose print.