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The button bar provides easy access to most of the score editing facilities of MusiCAD.

Buttons that are only available in edit mode are grayed when inactive.

File buttons

file buttons

Buttons for new melody, open, save, print en preview

Play buttons

play buttons

Play, (start, pause, stop) en mixer

Score buttons

Score buttons

Score overview, New part, Transpose, part modification, play-list, toolbox

Option buttons

Option buttons

Layout/page-layout, Titles, layout templates, restore default

Mode buttons

Mode buttons

mouse, midi, chord, insert/overstrike auto-duration, keyboard

Duration buttons

duration buttons

These buttons define default duration for new notes. The last 4 modify cursor-note-duration

Notation buttons

clef/key/meter buttons

Insert and modify clef, key, meter and tempo.

notation buttons

repeat, trill, dynamics, lines, bar lines, note-properties, rests, grace-notes, accidentals, tools

Edit buttons

edit buttons

edit, cut, copy, paste, delete, undo, redo

Modification buttons

Modification buttons

resize, shift, move

User buttons

User definable buttons

user definable buttons.

Redefine buttons

The 'user definable buttons' can be redefined for use on the main screen by assigning a layout template to the corresponding hotkey <shft-ctrl-1> for user-button 1, <shft-ctrl-2> for user-button 2 etc. Right-click a button to navigate to the shortcuts dialog to select the desired template, or write your own...

The 'modification buttons' can be connected to a layout template, just like the 'user definable buttons'.

For use on the notation bar, the user definable buttons may be bound to one of the 600+ edit-functions, by right-clicking the button to be modified. The corresponding hotkeys are <shft-ctrl-1> to <shft-ctrl-8>