From MusiCAD

The sequencer from the view menu will show current melody in piano-roll view.

An imported midi-file will also be shown first using piano-roll display.

Contrary to music notation, a detailed and timing-accurate display is possible.

It is possible to edit a file in piano-roll display, as well as record a live midi-performance.


If one of the duration-buttons is pressed, mouse-clicking will insert a note with corresponding length.

You can delete a note by clicking on it while the <ctrl> key is pressed.

To change meter, key or tempo, just press the corresponding button at the right upper corner.

sequencer.gif Save sequence as MIDI or MusiCAD-sequence file
sequencer1.gif Start a new sequence
sequencer2.gif Zoom in and out over time; show more or less bars
sequencer3.gif Choose duration to use for insertion and/or deleting of notes/bars
sequencer4.gif Delete duration within all parts. Duration needs to be selected previously using the duration buttons.
sequencer5.gif Insert rest at cursor position. Duration needs to be selected previously using the duration buttons.
sequencer6.gif Quantisize all MIDI-events using MIDI-quantisationparameters
sequencer7.gif Undo
sequencer8.gif Play sequence
sequencer9.gif Stop playing
sequencer10.gif Go to start of sequence
sequencer11.gif Go to end of sequence
sequencer12.gif Start recording a new track within the sequence; dubbing in is possible
sequencer13.gif MIDI-parts overview
sequencer14.gif View MIDI-events textwise
sequencer15.gif MIDI-quantisation parameters
sequencer16.gif Help

When you are done editing just press the OK button and the midi-tune will be converted into a musicad-file and displayed on the main screen.