Insertable text

From MusiCAD

To insert text for use aligned with music, MusiCAD presents a few types each with their own properties that can be changed with a few clicks afterwards.


These text types were designed to represent all forms of song lyrics. However, their use is not limited to lyrics; you can use any lyrics text for any purpose you like, but MusiCAD will just regard it as plain text without any special meaning.

Music directions

Note that when you need more lyrics lines and don't use the music directions, you may use music directions for lyrics as well.


Chord symbols are a special kind of text in that they can be transposed automagically along with the notes, and typesetting will be specialized such way that a b will be replaced with A-flat, and some chord related super/sup-scripting will be used as long as chords are assigned a MusiCAD-specific font. Use the buttonbar text selector insertable_text.jpg to select any of the keyboard-modes. Default mode is chord symbols.