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If you are satisfied with the software but want to get rid of the limitations of a non-licensed copy imposes, you need to buy a license.

You can use MusiCAD in two ways: with or without registration. Registration (activation) involves payment and obtaining a license-key that matches both your name and the computers identification.

A few remarks:

  • You must have run MusiCAD on the computer you will be using after registration. Please do not try to register from your office computer if you will be running MusiCAD at home...
  • A license is valid for 1 single computer only (it will not function on another!) You will need an additional license for your second computer (notebook) at reduced cost.
  • This product comes without any warranty, expressed or implied, and does not state any fitness for any purpose at all.
  • Every bug that was present your non-registered copy will be present in the registered copy also (since you'll be receiving only a couple of digits and letters, nothing will change the bugs). Only the mentioned restrictions will be removed.
  • You can apply for a license by completing the registration form within MusiCAD as it runs on your computer. Meanwhile you should reassure that the license-fee is sent to Musys Software.
  • If both the registration-form and the payment are received by Musys Software, we will send you the license code for your computer by e-mail.
  • We cannot make refunds after you have received your license, since it is not possible to revoke supplied information...
  • The only warranty you can obtain is by trying the software on your own computer - for free.
  • Registered customers may receive support by e-mail from our helpdesk when they're having difficulty to get desired results.
  • However, please do inform us about any anomalies you may experience

After we received both your payment and registration, you will receive an e-mail containing the needed license key, a 20 position string containing digits and letters like: 1a4G.cbQL.7io9.2zv0.hyns
Note that a license-key is case-insensitive; uppercase will be used to clarify differences between iL1 (Il1).

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