From MusiCAD

MusiCAD comes with a simple though effective mechanism that will allow you to enjoy all features for as long as you like, while it in the meantime ensures that prolonged use will persuade you to buy a license.

Let's have a look.

There are lots of programs that have an evaluation-version lacking a few essential features. Often file-saving and/or printing are disabled or limited to (very) small files only. Printouts may be rendered unusable by text written across the notes, or omitting one or more staff lines. One of the most troublesome schemes is the time evaluation limitation. After a certain amount of days the software stops functioning, leaving the program's files useless. If you installed the program because one of your friends urged you to have a look at one of their files, you are left in the dark after a month (or maybe two at best) if you would like to have another look. Sounds familiar?

MusiCAD acts different.

  • no time limitations,
  • no size limitations,
  • no feature limitations.

Of course we do like to see some revenues, so our evaluation-mode is not free of a bit of nagging. However, MusiCAD is designed such way that occasional use should not be hindered too much by the evaluation-mode restrictions. Especially when you 'need' use MusiCAD because someone sent you a MusiCAD file, the evaluation mode should come to the rescue; printing playing, transposing; all features are available at no charge.

Just download and try for yourself...

Satisfied? Then buy.