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On opening a .txt file MusiCAD will create a MusiCAD file with the .txt-file embedded. Nothing revolutionary to that. However, if the lyrics text contains chord symbols between brackets they will be displayed using a special text style for chord symbols in lyrics. This way it is as easy to transpose lyrics&chords files as it is with 'ordinary music'.

Thus a file containing lyrics like:

  [C]Dance, [Am]dance, [C]wherever you may [Am]be,
  [C]I am the Lord of the [Dm] dance said [G7]he.
  I 'll [C]lead you [F]all, wher[C]ever [G7]you may [C]be,
  'cause [Dm]I am the [G7]Lord of the [C]dance [F]said [C]he.

Will produce.

display of text & chords

A txt-file may be embedded in a section, or on an invisible/empty staff in a text block.