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Tablature (tabs) means various ways of music notation that are usually specific to a particular instrument.

  • Chord diagrams
  • TABS (notation on a 6-line bar representing the strings of a guitar) - (not yet possible)
  • Tablature for example squeezebox/harmonica:

Harmonica tablature


The tablature used in this way consists of a 'score' of a 1-line staff with text noted at hidden rests. This also guarantees alignment with the 'real' music. In edit mode, the example above looks like this:

squeezbox tabulature

Tablature often uses extra characters that MusiCAD does not provide by default. It is always possible to enter extra characters/symbols, provided you know which utf8code corresponds to it. Provided that the character is available in the font used, you can simply copy it.

Another way to get different characters on paper is to use an image.