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Percussion notation is an extension of conventional music notation that allows for non-pitched sounds to be written on either on a single line or on a 5-line drum-staff.

Note however, that notation conventions aren't well established for percussion notation, especially with regard to more unusual instruments.

The default allocation of the general MIDI-drumsound conform the instrument definition file is as follows:


You can change note-head-shape using the table below. Re-applying the same command will turn the note-head to its default shape.

<ctrl-alt-f> flageoletclosed1.jpg n flageolet (sound)
<ctrl-f> flageoletopen1.jpg n flageolet (play)
<shift-X> drumx1.jpg n percussion
<shift-Y> drumc1.jpg n crash
<shift-Z> drumx21.jpg n splash


Any part that is meant as a percussion part should use MIDI-channel 10.

Every note/shape combination is mapped onto the available MIDI-notes by means of the section [DRUMMAP] in the instrument definition file

See percussion options dialog and drum options dialog for use of automated percussion and drum parts.

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