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Ossia is the name for a phrase that can be played alternatively, or a clarification of the notation.

Ossia can indicate both a simpler and a more elaborate version of a fragment

An ossia phrase is usually written above the part in question at 60-75% of its normal size. Ossia display can be adjusted using the 'text type' ossia (position, default size, hide)

ossia phrase

If needed, you can enter an ossia phrase into MusiCAD::

  • Create a new piece of music containing only the ossia bars.
  • Open an image editing program such as paint.exe and paste the image with <ctrl-v>.
    Create a new blank image with <ctrl-n> and paste.
    Add the ossia image there (adjust the dimensions with <ctrl-e> if necessary).
    Save the image in My Images as ossia.jpg (name and folder don't matter as long as you can find it again)
  • Insert the (trimmed) image to the melody with <ctrl-shift-Insert>