Music notation best practice

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When creating sheet music on paper you will have to take into account many things to make it as easy as possible for the musicians. Some points to keep in mind in the music notation best practice are:

  • page mirror - note size, distances must be in relation to the intended use; a director's score sets different requirements than a march booklet; if you want to be able to read sheet music from a great distance, the note size - of course - has to be larger;
  • page transitions - especially if a page has to be turned, the page transition should be done at a quiet moment (preferably during a long rest). By using conditional page transitions you can make it easier;
  • repetition constructions - or avoiding them; Dal segno, prima volta and measure repeat and other repeat constructions can make your music fit on one or two sheets, but can reduce the a-prima-vista playability;

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